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Late afternoon, the platform over the large dam is where the Silver and Golden perch come to feed. Our resident long necked turtles play hide and seek amongst the water lilies and have to vie for their share of bread when the fish are hungry and quite acrobatic.
Black Ducks, Chestnut Teal, & Wood Ducks frequent our dams daily with some permanent residents with their young ones in spring is a delight to watch.
Our resident wallabies are generally seen early morning and late afternoon, however it is not unusual to come across them at any time when strolling around the property. The joeys are always a pleasure to watch when they are growing up and don't venture too far as adults.

A game of mini golf is a leisurely way to spend the afternoon also with the 19th hole never too far away. Alternatively, you may enjoy a sedentary game of Boules somewhere within the garden.
We welcome you to share our tranquil environment

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